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ETNI News - Issue # 1

June 1, 1997

The Weak English Learner and Learners
with Learning Disabilities


Letter from the Editor

This is the first issue of ETNI News. It is put out by ETNI (English Teachers Network in Israel).

We feel that it is significant that the topic of the first issue of ETNI News is "The weak English learner and learners with learning disabilities". The educational system in Israel has become more and more aware of learning problems, yet we still seem unable to cope sufficiently with the problem. Many dedicated educators are putting in long hours of their own time to try and find new ways to reach students who are "slow learners", "false beginners",  "students who learn differently from the majority of the class".

You will find many important contributions  in this issue. We hope that this will only be the beginning of the discussion on the ETNI network. Plans are underway to create a special corner on ETNI dedicated to these issues and you will be asked to contribute in the future.

If you wish to comment on any of the things written in this issue, or send in contributions for future issues,  please send your messages to the Editor to -

Email:  david(at)etni(dot)org

Hope to hear from you,

David Lloyd
Editor of ETNI News

Copyright 1997 - ETNI
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