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The Poet's Corner - First Day Back at School
by Barry Gonen

And so they came....but not all,
Some, scrambling down from yellow buses,
Some, clambering out of Transit vans,
Some, climbing from private taxis,
Some arriving in their own cars.
Some hopping and skipping on foot!
Some, just lethargically dragging themselves along!
They came....but not all,
In droves, and in couples, some in small groups,
Others just appeared alone, like shadows,
Engrossed in their private thoughts!
They came, bringing satchels,
Back packs and colored polythene bags,
A few brought books, guitars and balloons,
Many brought laughter,
Many brought smiles,….
But no,...not all!

Some, they came shouting,
Some, they came whistling,
Some, they came hugging,
Some, they came kissing! and,
Some, they came frowning ,
I saw no-one crying!
Mostly, they seemed pleased to be back,…
But no,...not all!

They all had grown!
They all looked different, with…
The up-to date fashions,
Their new clothes and shoes,
The hottest hair styles or narrow side-burns,
Some boys, with bum-fluff goatee-beards,
Some girls, with their sparkling jazzy jewelry,
The latest music pods, and,
The expensive cell-phones!
They all wanted to be seen,
They wanted to be noticed,
They wanted to be 'In'…
They all want to be accepted!
But no,...not all!

They seemed in high spirits in the morning,
But less, in the afternoon,
When, tired and hungry and
In the searing heat,
They all went eagerly off home!....
But no,...not all!

Barry Gonen 29.08.06

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