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Letters to the Editor

Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation in Instructional Development

There is a systematic model for developing units of instruction, be they long or short, which incorporates the whole topic of testing. The planning of testing procedures and materials is an integral part of this process, and is developed in parallel with the other components of instruction.
Establishing goals is also a part of this process and is directly involved in the testing component. If you don't know the goals, how can you effectively assess student achievement or the worth of the program itself? The recent spate of 'goal identification' on etni e-mail has demonstrated the need for a more systematic approach in developing instruction and indeed, in planning our entire educational program.
Testing and goal setting are only two of the major steps in instructional development and should not be dealt with separately, since they are all connected. Too often, testing is produced as an adjunct, an accessory, to instruction and learning instead of being part of the original development process.

Abi Schatz
Ashkelon Academic College

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