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Looking Back - Editorial

Welcome to Issue #3 of "The Rag"

The going was a little rough, this time, in getting out The Rag. Teachers appeared frazzled, as the year slowly and sometimes painfully wound down to a close. And here, at ETNI, I found it hard enough just keeping up with the regular ETNI chores, in addition to my regular workload. But, determined to get one more issue out before the end of the school year, we managed to do so, with special thanks to Naomi Epstein, who stepped in at the last minute to help with the editing of the articles.
As for the future, we hope that once you have had time to catch your breath after this school year ends, you will be ready to write an article for Issue #4 of The Rag, which will come out in September at the beginning of the new school year.

In parts of this issue, we will "Look Back", and we will ask you to look back also, by your trying to answer the "ETNI Quiz". How well you do may depend on how old you are (in ETNI years). Some of the questions are easy, some are quite difficult.
The prize for the winner? Well, although we can promise you fame, we can't promise you fortune. The top scorer will be crowned "ETNI Wizard", and honorary mention will be given to the runner-ups.

In this issue, we welcome two new writers. Joe Barnett provides insight into his teaching of Phonics, and Ann Shlapobersky sets out to discover what is behind Professional Virtual Communities. Mitzi Geffen explores how drama activities can lead to reading fluency. Laurie Ornstein takes us with her into her experiences of working as an EFL Counselor in the Bedouin Sector in the Negev. Naomi Epstein describes some of the translation difficulties in working with Hearing Impaired students on reading comprehension. Aviva Shapiro provides tips on overcoming obstacles in teaching children how to enjoy reading. Nellie Deutsch provides an analysis of an Instructional Program. And Adele Raemer discusses how online courses provide an option for teacher training.
For those of you waiting for the second part of David Gilmore's article - discussing the specific methodologies he has used in teaching English at Neurim School - this article will come out in Issue #4 of The Rag.
Our three resident poets - Barry Gonen, Phyllis Oded and Maris B. Mohr - are featured once again in our Poet's Corner.
And our master of satire, Barry Silverberg, provides his own look into times past and times present.

If want to contribute to The Rag, but aren't yet ready to write a full article, you are welcome to send us your thoughts and impressions in a Letter to the Editor.

We hope you enjoy Issue #3 of The Rag. Remember, that in the Archives section, you can go back and read Issue #1 and Issue #2. And perhaps, as you read Issue #3, you will come up with an idea for your next article. Hoping to hear from you soon.

David (June 14, 2007)

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