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by Phyllis Oded


I went to the doctor because my cough was really bad.
I waited for over an hour and that really made me mad.
When my name was called, I knocked at the nearest door.
There was a lady in the room I'd never seen before.
"Where is Dr. X?" I asked her in alarm.
"Oh, she's on vacation, but I'll do you no harm."
"Are YOU a doctor?" I asked, looking at the door.
"No, I'm the cleaner. My job's to wash the floor."
"What are you doing HERE, in the doctor's room?
Where is my doctor? Why are you holding a broom?"
"You've made a big mistake," she said. The room you're in is mine.
Now, go back into the waiting room…………and stop talking in rhyme!"
written by Phyllis Oded - 2007


When I came into the classroom, I didn't say a word.
Nobody else but ME sat down. Oh, the NOISE that could be heard.
Things were flying through the air. Something almost hit my ear.
The bell had run minutes before, but no one seemed to care.
A bee flew in the window and some girls started to scream.
This HAD to be a nightmare! It COULDN'T be a dream!

What do YOU think happened next and why?

HEY, it's MY story. Let ME go on with it!
What happened to the students? Did they finally calm down at all?
Well…………………………….., I came into the classroom, but I didn't say a word.
I simply wrote: QUIET OR QUIZ on the board. Then not another sound was heard!
written by Phyllis Oded - 2007

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