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Answers to the ETNI Quiz

First of all we want to thank those who sent in their answers to The ETNI Quiz.

The Grand ETNI Wizard, with the most correct answers, is Dorian Cohen.

The first runner-up is Margie Cohen.
The second runner-up is Barry Silverberg.

And now for the answers:
  1. What was the name of the first virtual English Teachers Network that David Lloyd created?
    Answer: IETN

  2. What was the name of its electronic newsletter?
    Answer: EIETONE

  3. When was ETNI founded?
    Answer: 1996

  4. On what server was ETNI first hosted?
    Answer: The Ramat Negev Regional Council server

  5. Who came to the rescue to help David manage ETNI for a number of years during ETNI's middle period?
    Answer: Gail Mann

  6. What is the most popular (most frequently visited) page on the ETNI site?
    Answer: Advertising Teacher Positions -

  7. What is the most popular (most frequently visited) lesson plan on the ETNI site?
    Answer: Ernesto "Che" Guevara WebQuest -

  8. Which month (in the last 12 months) brought the most visits to the ETNI site?
    Answer: September 2006

  9. Who wrote the email with the Subject: "Dave Barry - Coffee, tea or dried wood chips?"
    Answer: Leah Wolf

  10. How many people are subscribed to the ETNI mailing list?
    Answer: 1,430

  11. What percentage of ETNI subscribers receive the ETNI digest?
    Answer: 34%

  12. How many people presently run the ETNI site on a daily basis?
    Answer: 1

  13. Name at least four people on ETNI who came to Israel from Canada.
    Answer: Barry Silverberg, Miri Yochanna, Rita Gvili, David Lloyd

  14. Who first wrote about MOOS and MUDS on ETNI?
    Answer: Jimmy Backer

  15. Who has sent the most messages to the ETNI list (not including ETNI staff), in the last four years.
    Answer: Batya Medad

  16. How many messages has this person sent?
    Answer: 153

  17. What triggered the "Great Millennium Debate" on ETNI?
    Answer: Initial message asking whether it is appropriate to discuss the subject of the "New Year" - according to the Gregorian Calendar - in the Israeli classroom, and subsequent "flaming".

  18. Where is the ETNI Israeli server located?
    Answer: Midreshet Ben Gurion in the Negev

  19. Where is the other ETNI server located?
    Answer: The United States

  20. Which ETNI poll had the largest participation (the most people voted)?
    Answer: Should only native English speaking teachers teach "Native English Speaker Classes"?

  21. A member of what committee said to David, when he was expressing his vision of a virtual English Teachers' Network - "But most teachers don't even own a computer! How could it ever work?"
    Answer: National CALL Committee

  22. In the past, some of the ETNI files were located on a server in the north of the country. What organization hosted that server?
    Answer: Wide Angle

  23. Who writes a humour/satiric column on ETNI?
    Answer: Barry Silverberg

  24. What Ministry Official, in the late nineties, told David that a friend in the know had told him/her that the Internet had already reached its peak and would soon be a passing fad?
    Answer: National Inspector for Native English Speakers

  25. How can you officially become a member of ETNI?
    Answer: There is no "official membership". Being a "member" of ETNI is "feeling a part" of ETNI, whether or not this is an active or passive role (i.e. - joining the ETNI mailing list, taking part in the discussions, contributing lesson ideas, downloading lesson ideas, etc.)

  26. Northern Explosure is the name of:
    a) a television program
    b) a military campaign to protect our northern border
    c) a satiric column
    d) a computer virus
    Answer: c) a satiric column

  27. Who provided free graphic support and layout for The Rag?
    Answer: Cherie (Cheryl) Mellen Perelsztejn

  28. What other English Teachers organization's web site is hosted on the ETNI site?
    Answer: ETAI

  29. Has it ever been documented that the time spent on ETNI was the reason for a divorce?
    Answer: No

  30. What prompted David to change the ETNI mailing list into a moderated list?
    Answer: The nature of The Great Millennium Debate

  31. What official Ministry website contains Ministry information which was once hosted on ETNI?

  32. When (what month and year) did the ETNI mailing list move over to FREELISTS?
    Answer: August 2003

  33. Why was it decided to move the ETNI mailing list from TOPICA.COM?
    Answer: There were too many technical problems with

  34. Who was on the ETNI News editorial staff?
    Answer: David Lloyd, Gail Mann, Ellen Serfaty, Ann Shlapobersky, Renee Wahl

  35. How many issues of ETNI News were published?
    Answer: 4

  36. A reporter from which newspaper asked David Lloyd whether the North American influence on ETNI was the reason why ETNI succeeded while other virtual teacher networks in Israel did not?
    Answer: Haaretz

  37. What do you think David Lloyd answered?
    Answer: No. The real reason why ETNI succeeded was because there was already a well-established tradition amongst English teachers to share their teaching ideas, both in English teacher areas in the individual schools, and at ETAI conferences.

  38. Who created the ETNI "Test Bank"?
    Answer: Rachel Arenstein

  39. Why is the "Test Bank" no longer on the ETNI site?
    Answer: It could no longer be hosted on the Maalot webserver, where Rachel put it up, and we never managed to move this material over to the main ETNI server.

  40. Who created the ETNI "Worksheet Resource Center"?
    Answer: Lev Abramov

  41. Where is this Worksheet Center hosted?
    Answer: Schiffman webserver

  42. When and where was the first ETNI f2f?
    Answer: At the International ETAI conference in Jerusalem, during the lunch break both on Tuesday 14th July, 1998 and on Thursday 16th July, 1998.

  43. How can you search for information in past messages to the ETNI list?
    Answer: Go to the ETNI archive - - and enter a keyword(s) into the Search Box

  44. Name one person on the ETNI list who is from Argentina.
    Answer: Claudia Sanchez

  45. ETNI has been accused as:
    a) favoring the left
    b) favoring the right
    c) favoring the Ministry
    d) attacking the Ministry
    e) all of the above
    f) none of the above
    Answer: e) - all of the above

  46. What does "Vacation Mode" refer to?
    Answer: Turning off your ETNI mail so that you won't receive any ETNI mail (usually while you are vacation)

  47. David Lloyd is originally from:
    a) the U.S.A.
    b) the United Kingdom
    c) South Africa
    d) Canada
    e) he is a virtual entity who doesn't exist in real life
    Answer: d) Canada

  48. What organization originally inspired David to create a virtual English Teachers Network?
    Answer: ETAI

  49. What was the top keyword entered into the ETNI search between the dates of May 1 - June 13?
    Answer: Bagrut

  50. Are there paid announcements on the ETNI site?
    Answer: No

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