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Two Poems
by Barry Gonen


Kaleidoscope crystals of frozen white
carpet emerald lawn's glory spread
in morning antipathy.

Brown bitten spotted leaves crackling under foot
bear witness to night's cloudless toll
on natures dormant growth.

Pointing accusingly heavenwards,
sprouting shoots of vulnerable vegetables
share common fate with non-hardy herbs as
sheltered shrubs plead survival.

Springs' future pride lingers, exposed
to the approaching gloomy doom
of further nocturnal suffering.

Barry Gonen
All Rights Reserved

Hollow Copse

Skeletal twigs of fragility cry mercy.
Leafless, forlorn, brittleness exposed.

Garmentless branches of transparent trunks.
Resilient boughs craving canopies
of Spring's awakening.

No oozing sap,
No bleeding wounds,
No peeling bark,
No knobbly knots,
No gaping heart,

Poignant naked limbs of hope
anticipating winter's final bow.

Barry Gonen 2008-01-22
All Rights Reserved

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