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Two Poems
by Phyllis Oded


Why is it the phone will ring the minute I get into the shower?
Why is it when I'm trying to print on the computer, there is suddenly no electric power?
Why is it teachers give us quizzes the day before we have a big test?
Why is it there is so much homework and never enough time to rest?
Why is it that the teachers return our exams the same day there is another?
Why is it teachers always compare me with my older sister or brother?

Why is it when I don't have an umbrella, it will always, BUT ALWAYS, rain?
Why is it when I wait for a bus, it would have been faster going by train?
Why is it when I try my best, I don't always succeed?
Why is it I can speak English okay, but find it so hard to read?
Why is it that the spelling of words isn't written the way the words sound?
Why is it there are so many adjectives, but in Hebrew only one word is found?

Exercise one: Answer each of the questions in writing in a full sentence. Give YOUR opinion.

Exercise two: Fill in the missing letters, based on the words above:
phone _ _ _ _ _ h _ _ _ _ w _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ r _ _ _ _ n _ _ _ r _ _ g _ _e _ _ _ _ _ _c
c _ _ _ _ _e _ _ _ _ h _ _ d _ _ ' t _ _ _ _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ _ _ g _ _ _ g

Answer key: remove before printing:
hard/don't/teachers/spelling/ going.


Reading and writing CAN be fun.
It all depends on HOW they're done.
The books you read should interest you.
Don't try one genre; try a few.
If a book is boring, choose another.
Ask your friend; ask your brother.

The more you read, the more English you'll know
and your vocabulary will grow and grow.
You'll learn correct grammar as you read
as well as knowledge you are sure to need.
Writing will come easily afterward
with grammar, punctuation and what you have heard.
And don't forget speaking……a useful tool.
if you're going abroad….going "l'who'll".

Exercise one: Some words have the same sound but are written differently. Look at:
fun/done you/few read/need

Exercise two:

  • Do you think grammar is important when you learn English? Explain.
  • Do you think the teacher should choose a book for the whole class to read or should the students be allowed to choose their own books to read?
  • Name three things you can learn by reading in English.
  • What kinds of books interest you the most?
  • Do you read in English if you are not forced to? Why or why not?

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