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About this Issue

As you all know, bringing out an issue over the summer holidays isn't an easy task. Between teacher "end of the year burnout", and the need for well-deserved vacations away from it all, people just aren't in the writing mode.

That said, we felt it important to begin the school year with a new issue of The Rag, and do feel that we have managed to put together an issue that is well worth the effort.

Welcome back to Batya Medad, who is continuing her series on "blogs". Welcome also to new contributors: Marlene Ringler, who has lived, taught, and managed a professional English training institute in Israel over the past 23 years and shares with us her insights into the development of the specific area of "Business English". Lynda Waxman, a founder member of J.E.L.L.Y. (the Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth), explains to us the "what, when & where" of the JELLY Teachers' Libraries. Sandy Regev shares her thoughts on present teaching conditions, focussing this time on the "Teachers' Room". And Robin Eisner offers advice on "Starting Again".

Many of our resident writers have once again contributed to The Rag. Barry Silverberg has delved into the "World of the Blooper", a collection of student gems from Bagrut markers. Aviva Shapiro asks us all, as teachers, whether we are "an obstacle to ourselves". Laurie Ornstein shares an especially moving summer experience which took place in Rostrevor, Co. Down, N. Ireland where she was participating in Fiddler's Green Festival. And a new poet, Robin Eisner, has joined our three resident poets (Barry Gonen, Phyllis Oded and Maris Mohr on "The Poet's Corner".

Even David Lloyd has stepped out from behind the editors desk, for a moment, to look through the past and into the future.

For those of you following the discussions on the ETNI mailing list, there has recently been quite an intense discussion regarding the teaching of literature in the EFL classroom. We plan to make this topic the central theme for the next issue (Issue #7) of The Rag. You are invited to send us articles regarding this subject, or any other subject you would like to write about.

Send your articles to -

We would also like to hear your thoughts regarding this issue, or prior issues, of The Rag. You can do this by sending a "Letter to the Editor" (to the same email address as listed above).

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