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Teacher - a poem by Robin Eisner


A teacher is one who guides you, you see
Guiding their pupils to become more and free
So when you go to learn something new
Find a teacher devoted and true

A teacher who is committed to helping thee
Will take your hand moving you from point A to B
In this way you grow and become more forevermore
Having changed from the knowledge you gained galore

A teacher who can guide you down the path
Is like a pair of headlights lighting the path
From darkness to light you can go
If your teacher has done this before you know

Take a teacher to grow inside
And listen intently to how to abide
Abide by the guidance though blindfolded you be on your ride
Yet trusting they will take you safely so you won’t fall or hide

Then know deep in your heart
That this teacher will fulfill their part
And then you too will become more
After having gone through a new open door

This is the job of a teacher you see
To lead you while you walk a path in becoming free
Having patience and wisdom how you best learn
So that you will succeed when it is your turn

And if the teacher has done a good job you see
You will be able to walk alone and free
For thanks to the guidance received from them
You have changed and grown within.

By Robin Eisner
Healer and teacher

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