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Literature & Writing
The Rag: Issue # 7 (January 2009)

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About the Authors
Our contributing writers

Practising the Modules
    - by Barry Silverberg

The Poets' Corner
Barry Gonen
Phyllis Oded
Maris B. Mohr
Anat Nijinsky

Notes - Anthemizing
    - Laurie Ornstein

"Whatif" Kids liked Poetry:
Shel Silverstein in the Classroom

    - by Michele Ben
The Sound of Comparative Literature
    - by Gilda Haber, PhD
My "HOTS" Journey
    - by Aviva Shapiro
The International Book Sharing Project
    - by Lana Bernhardt
Literature in the EFL Class
    - by Nellie Deutsch

The Power of Informal Writing
    - by Alexandre Enkerli
Blogging in Language Learning
    - by Rita Zeinstejer
My experience with the Virtual Visitor
    - by Ruth Sheffer
Connecting through conversations
    - Nicola Avery
Teaching writing in high school
    - by Anat Nijinsky
Improving Student Writing
    - by Nellie Deutsch

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