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About this Issue

Welcome to Issue # 7 of The Rag. This issue has quite a diverse selection to offer.

We begin with Literature:
Michele Ben ponders what would happen if kids actually liked poetry, and shows us how to bring this about in the classroom through the poems of Shel Silverstein. Gilda Haber provides us with a riveting account of her efforts to bring comparative literature to life through the actual sound of diverse languages in her classroom. Aviva Shapiro reflects on her experiences as one of the teachers who took part in the Literature - Module F pilot program. Lana Bernhardt discusses The International Book Sharing Project: a school-based educational program that links American and Israeli middle and high school students in the reading, study, and on-line discussion of Holocaust literature and history. And Nellie Deutsch discusses the use of literature for content as an excellent way for EFL students to enrich their vocabulary and improve their language skills

From Literature, we move on to Writing:
Alexandre Enkerli discusses the Power of Informal Writing. Rita Zeinstejer explores how Blogging can be utilized in Language Learning. Ruth Sheffer tells us of her experiences through working with Jack Pillemer's Virtual Visitor idea. Nicola Avery provides ideas to how we can make the most of connecting through conversations that we have online. Anat Nijinsky explains how she tries to change her students' attitude towards writing so that it becomes a much more meaningful activity. And Nellie Deutsch, discusses how an Action Research Project on Wikieducator can help improve student writing.

Laurie Ornstein takes us once again into the world of Music, and discusses the place of Pete Seeger's song - "This Land is Your Land" in American lore, and how this song could be taught in the English classroom.

In the Poet's Corner, our resident poets: Barry Gonen, Phyllis Oded and Maris Mohr - provide us with their most recent offerings. They are also joined this time by Anat Nijinsky.

And we cannot end without a touch of satire, brought to us by our resident satirist of Northern Explosure fame: Barry Silverberg. In this issue, Barry provides a unique look at Practising the Modules.

In the Letters to the Editor section, Eduardo Lina relates to Nellie Deutsch's article in our last issue: "Should Teachers Give Technology a Chance".

We welcome your comments, also, about this issue or any past issues.

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