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by Barry Gonen

Lonely, alone, on your own,
No money for food or power or phone,
Nobody to talk to, no-one to care.
No cash to spend, no savings, no spare.
No shares to sell, no more frills,
Life just full of unpaid bills!
No more repeats of previous treats,
Lying in bed on grubby sheets.
Laid off, paid off, without any emotions
Join the queues seeking alternative solutions!

The banks have crashed, all is lost,
Pensions gone at enormous cost.
No compensations, many accusations,
No more hoping, no more patience.
Global recession, property re-possession,
No help obtainable to relieve the aggravation.
No credit in the markets or fortressed institutions.
No collateral, no mercy, no financial loans,
Suicides and divorce increasing, no more loving homes!
Crime rate spiraling, fewer cops patrol the streets.
Who will hear the crying?
Who will heed the shrieks?

Family units crumbling,
Parents, drunk from liquid aggression,
More kids into prostitution,
More teens into heavy drugs,
None find a decent solution,
More beggars sleeping rough.
Some poor wretches given the boot,
dream of shopping centers to loot.
Hospitals overcrowded,
Prisons cells all in use,
Streets of rotting refuse,
There is no satisfactory excuse!

Neighborhoods of shame.
No-one accepting blame!
What is there to gain?
Just poverty, suffering, and
Humiliating, excruciating, never ending pain!

Barry Gonen -All Rights Reserved

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