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57 Varieties
by Maris B. Mohr

I see my mirror image
      not bad for 57
Different from years before
      though not quite what I expected.
I lost an inch in height,
      gained 2 in squishy tires
Wobbly boobs are at
      a permanent rendezvous
Meeting bulging belly at
      the junction with my torso.
Dieting won't change the effect of gravity
      and the marching droop of muscles
The bags under my eyes laden heavy,
      used dreams dripping down my visage.
My teeth are starting to wobble,
      my eyes are getting dim
My thinning hair is changing color
      my skin is flaky thin.
Once easy tasks now leave me
      gasping for breaths of air
My aching back takes me out of action
      needing at least an hour of recuperation.
I'm not quite at mid-life yet,
      but thoughts are reaching out
Wondering how to find what other challenges
      Time has for me in store
Before I reach the Golden Years
      and this creation
Can't make it any more.

      Maris B. Mohr

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