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Read-Aloud Poems
by Phyllis Oded

INSTRUCTIONS: Student: Listen to the following dialogue [read once by the teacher and once by two students.] Then, as the kid in this dialogue, write a letter to your teacher, explaining why you were late to school that day. Do NOT use any direct quotes. You may add any logical, additional information not given below. 120-140 words

SPOILED? WHO, ME???      

I'm NOT going to walk there and you can't make me!
Either call me a taxi or YOU'll have to take me!
Do you expect ME to go there, myself, all alone?
Either get out the car or pick up the phone
and call me a taxi. A bus simply won't do.
Walk? ME? Never! I'm 15, not 50 like you!

Why CAN'T you walk? Your school's only 5 blocks away.
Everybody walked to school back in my day.
A little exercise in the morning won't hurt; it can even do you some good
and if it starts raining, well, then put up your hood!
You sit at the computer for hours each day
instead of getting some exercise and going out to play.

You fill yourself up with junk food, ice-cream and coke.
At least one good thing, you don't [yet] smoke!
Get up! Get out! Use your own two feet
instead of complaining while you sit on your seat.
No, I WON'T drive you or phone for a taxi for you,
so NOW, dear son, what are YOU going to do?

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