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A new school year
The Rag: Issue # 8 (September 2009)

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About the Authors
Our contributing writers

BIU Probes Alternative Sources of Peace
    - by Barry Silverberg

The Poets' Corner
Barry Gonen
Phyllis Oded
Maris B. Mohr

An Illustrated Guide to Returning from a Sabbatical
    - by Naomi Epstein

"Notes" - Sing Me a Story!
    - by Laurie Ornstein

Unit plans: Scaffolding linguistic and content goals in EFL teacher professional development
    - by Tziona Levi and Judy Kemp
Diversity and Seat Position
    - by Gilda Haber
The AMIT English Website
    - by Sigalit Arditi
Using Pictures to Prepare for "Bagrut"
    - by Naomi Epstein
Drama in the Classroom- Getting Them to Talk
    - by Mitzi Geffen
Sixties Night
    - by Maxine Tsvaigrach
    - by Robin Eisner
Using WebQuests to Teach English
    - by Nancy McKeand
PowerPoint animations for online and classroom learning
    - by Seth Eisenberg
Biology and ESL
    - by Declan McCabe
Virtual Classroom for Lunch
    - by Nicola Avery
Classroom Teacher Interview and Observation
    - by Nellie Deutsch
Microblogging for Language Learning
    - by Carsten Ullrich
Reflection - how it can help you move forward
    - by Aviva Shapiro

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