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by Barry Gonen

אהבה - Love - Part I

יש לי שד
I have a devil in my head
יש לי שיר
I have a song in my ear
יש לי רעיון
I have a wonderful idea
אני מאוהב
I am in love!

I have a friend
ושמו תחביב
When I talk to him
הוא מאוד נדיב
When I have the time
הוא מזרים מילים
But when I want to rest
קשה לו להיפרד

When I sing
הוא רוקד איתי
When I play
הוא לא עוזב אותי
When I eat
הוא תמיד בצלחת
When I drink
הוא שותה ביחד
When I shower
הוא הסבון
When I sleep
הוא הכרית, ולא נרדם

When I dream
הוא תמיד בפנים
When I wake
הוא שם, ממתין
When I work
הוא פחות בולט
But when I am free
הוא שוב, מחבק ומלטף אותי,

בארי גונן      Barry Gonen-Negba- All Rights Reserved

Love - אהבה - Part3

I have a devil in my head!
I have a song in my ear!
I have a wonderful idea!
I am in love!

I have a friend, his name is 'Inspire,'
When I talk to him, he sets me on fire!
When I have the time, he supplies the rhyme, but,
When I want to rest, he begins to pine,
failing to finish a single word or line.

When I sing, he is my choir,
When I play, he is my Lyre,
When I eat, he is on my plate,
When I sip, he is on my lip,
When I drink, he accompanies me,
When I swallow, he dares to follow.

When I shower, he is my soap,
When I sleep, he is my pillow of hope.
When I dream, he always appears,
When I am awakening, he is always waiting!
When I work, he hides in my shirt, but,

When I am free... ,
He again caresses and embraces me,
With Love!!!!

Barry Gonen-All Rights Reserved-2008

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