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Three Poems
by Maris B. Mohr


First you found each other -
    a joining of precious spirits
Loving life and eager to share
You brought US to the world -
    two clean slates awaiting your touch
With love and understanding
You guided and accepted -
    our triumphs and falls
Yours to sooth and share

You never let us down -
    even when ideas clashed
In our attempts to reach our independence
With love and understanding -
    You gave us the strength to be who we are
Your children who thank you
For being who you were

In loving memory

Maris B. Mohr - 4.12.2008


A look in the mirror makes me wonder
     who I see
The eyes still shine through the lines of time
    deeper, perhaps wiser
The remnants of experience.

But Time is also generous,
     gifts of untold wealth
My mate to share a lifetime
     no matter what it brings
The joys, the pains, the beauties of our union
     born of love with more to share.

Two daughters start chapter two
     from birth through childhood and on They blossom and grow into womanhood
     to follow where their paths will lead Soon married and all set
     to renew the cycle
With children of their own.

It started with an ideal
     to build a new kind of life
Continued with our love
     that flowered, brought forth its fruit.

Time now to revel in the delight of
     Chapter three
A grandson to be the first,
     two more to make the team
A little princess to take her place
     among her peers
In generation three.

For some time is a cure
     for others a curse,
For me a garden of blessings
     each day an adventure to a new land
Love, fulfillment, joy
     in what we've built, renew and build
The inner peace of the middle years
     knowing who and why I am,
New strength of spirit and soul
     to carry the spark
As long as it glows.

Maris B. Mohr - 25.5.2009


a lull in the tide
thoughts ebb, time stands still
no need to move on
just feel the moment
sense the present
past and future lose importance
before and later hardly an inkling

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