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Teacher's Voices, Reaching out
The Rag: Issue # 9 (January 2010)

From the Editor's Desk
- Editorial
- About this Issue

Benefits of Student Verbal Presentations to the Class
    - by Gilda Moss Haber, Ph.D

On Multi-Tasking and Uni-Tasking
    By Dina Wyshogrod
Mindful teaching: A lesson in leading students to mindful learning
    By Ellen Irene H.-Serfaty

From My Perspective
Am I a good teacher?
    By Tareq Murad
From Rock to Gem
    By Robin Eisner

Notes: Woody Guthrie, "Bound for Glory" and Current Events
    - by Laurie Ornstein

Bagrut Marker's Prayer
    - by Barry Silverberg
Graffiti foils Bagrut-cheating plot
    - by Barry Silverberg

Teachers' Websites
Jack Pillemer's Homepage:
    English teaching and other odds and ends
Welcome to Planet English
    Ruthi Sheffer's Wiki
Resources for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students
    Naomi Ganin-Epstein
The Website and Beyond: Making Connections
    By Sara L. Shomron

The Poets' Corner
Barry Gonen
Phyllis Oded
Maris B. Mohr

About the Authors
Our contributing writers

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