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About this Issue: Teacher's Voices, Reaching out

Welcome to the newest issue of the Rag, just in time for semester break: Teacher's Voices, Reaching Out.

In addition to the return of Ellen Serfaty to our editorial team, we are introducing some new ideas to the Rag:

  • With so many teachers creating their own websites for their schools or work, or even new products, (books, blogs, etc.) we thought it was about time that they introduce their sites to you. We have a great start with Jack Pillemer's website, in its new home; Ruthi Sheffer with her Wiki resources, and Naomi Epstein's class site that is a great resource for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Sara Shomron also introduces her site that complements a book written by her EFL teacher daughter.

  • From My Perspective gives teachers in the field a chance to give their "take" on the more personal aspects of teaching. Tareq Murad talks to us about improving teaching practice, while Robin Eisner calls for teachers to find the best in their students. We hope to hear from many more teachers in future "Rags".

  • In our new Mindful Teaching/Mindful Learning Section, Ellen Serfaty talks about a new mindful-reflective teaching tool for improving students understanding of test errors, and psychologist Dina Wyshogrod makes a plea for less multi-tasking. We hope that teachers will join in the fun of telling us about Mindfulness and similar practices in their lives and classrooms.

  • We are continuing to give voice to our teacher poets, satirists and musicians... Barry Gonen, Phyllis Oded, Maris Mohr, Barry Silverberg and Laurie Ornstein (with a great piece on Woodie Guthrie!) are back! We'd love to hear more from you creative teachers out there.

  • Gilda Haber joins us once again in a feature about A-Z on why and how to use student presentations in the classroom.

  • We are starting to review products at the requests of publishers. If you'd like us to review your product for our next issue, or want to do a review, write us.

Let us hear from you about our new sections, about what you would like to read in the future…and above all, contribute! The Rag is YOU!

David Lloyd

Ellen Serfaty

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