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Body Language
by Barry Gonen

Body Language

Burps and farts, giggles and blurts,
Sniggers and laughs, hic-cups and coughs,
Sneezes and huffs, sniffs and snorts,
Grinds and grunts, titters and tickles,
Chuckles and chortles, gurgles and burbles,
Sounds that speak without use of speech!

Winks and Blinks, frowns and scowls,
Smirks and shirks, grimaces and grins,
Flutters and squints, puckers and pouts,
Smiles and yawns, blushes and flushes,
Quivers and shivers, quakes and shakes
Trembles and tremors, hugs and shrugs
Pats and strokes, caresses and kisses.

Some silent actions that speak louder than words
Who needs a language to make one's self heard?

Barry Gonen-Negba-30.11.08
All Rights Reserved

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