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Jack Pillemer's Homepage:
English-teaching and other odds and ends

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Jack Pillemer - jackpil(at)013(dot)net

A long while ago, when screens were black and white or sometimes green and grey, when DOS was the operating system , when Kermit was a program on a floppy and when the connection - after dialing four or five times - made a satisfying high-pitched squeaking sound, I got interested in the Internet.

The potential for learning and teaching excited me. One result of that excitement is the site I created called Jack Pillemer's Homepage: English-teaching and other odds and ends. I never really defined who the site was aimed at: my students, perhaps, to be able to access material I had written or chosen to expose them to. Fellow teachers were in my mind as well, to share my wares with, swap ideas with and provide a place to link to the work of others. I often felt I was uploading for myself, as a place for me to be able to access my own work from outside home - a convenient storeroom of sorts. The result is that the site was created over time and serves all three purpose. Besides, it has kept me busy and involved.

I have fallen behind and technology has overtaken me by a long way which will be obvious when visiting the site; no buzz, bing, bop, I'm afraid, nor flashing lights and snazzy animation. What you will find, is a picture of me on a green background followed by links to English teaching materials that I, and others have written. Each link is accompanied by a brief explanation of what you are likely to find once you click on it. Then link will lead to link and away you go!

Here are some of the subjects you will find on the site:

* This address for the site replaces the previous address and if you have linked to the site in the past those links should be updated. - Jack Pillemer

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