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Using a Wiki
by Ruthi Sheffer

I wanted to build a Wiki so that kids could get easy access to materials for class, and be introduced to websites that could help them in their learning. I also wanted it to be in the form of a wiki because then it would be possible for the students to upload their own stuff and to participate in discussion. I divided the wiki according to my classes and added extra pages on the Bagrut and various projects they do, including literature, The Giver and Romeo and Juliet .

There are also links to useful EFL sites so they can study alone. I also have links to the wonderful websites built by ETNI colleagues Eduardo Lina and Ora Baumgarten.

A wiki is an easy website to use because you don't have to know any HTML. Anyone who knows how to use Word can build one. And you can also modify it whenever you want, and upload worksheets, pictures and videos in a few minutes.

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