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About the Authors

Robin Eisner

Having graduated from the University of North Carolina in Education, I made Aliya with three small children in 1988.
Over the past twenty years I taught ESL and native speakers.
My hobbies are gardening and writing. I live with my cat and two dogs in Kfar Neter.

Email: robineisner(at)hotmail(dot)com

Naomi Epstein

I teach English to deaf and hard of hearing students at Yehud Comprehensive High-School and am the "Shema" national counselor for English for the hearing impaired. I have been in this field for over twenty years.

I have a B.A. in "Education of the Hearing Impaired", a B.E.D in "Teaching EFL" and an M.A. in "Curriculum Development".
Author of "Apples and Zebras" and "The Book of Keys"

Email: ronea(at)012(dot)net(dot)il

Barry Gonen

Immigrated from England in 1971.
Living on Kibbutz Negba from 1973 .
Married with four children (3 girls, 1 boy) + 7 far!
Teaching at Tsafit regional high school since 1978
Special Ed division in the 'Mercaz Limida'
Music-songwriting, composing, archeology, gardening, photography.
Also am still serving with Border Police Unit as local security coordinator.

Email: barry(at)negba(dot)org(dot)il

Gilda Haber, PhD

Professor of Sociology, English and ESOL at Montgomery College and UNVA
Job Function: Teach sociology, social psychology, criminology, assist PhD foreign students with English composition and writing. Research includes human spatial position and behavior to profile individual attitudes to the group.
Write and publish scholarly articles, creative non-fiction, fiction and memoir. Writing awards from Ferguson, Scorched Earth, and other contests.

Email: Gilda.haber(at)montgomerycollege(dot)edu

Maris Mohr

I was born in NYC, graduated from the Bronx H.S. of Science in 1969, and started my BS in biology at SUNY Stony Brook. Israel was too much of a pull on my life, so I became a member of Garin Hashachar, came to Israel in 1970, returned to NY to close circles, and made alliya in 1971. I served in Nahal and as a result got to Kibbutz Dorot, where I met my husband. Our first daughter, Nitza, was born there in 1974, only a month after Shaul was discharged from the very long (6 months) miluim of the Yom Kipur War.
During all that time, starting in H.S., I wrote poetry. In 1976 we moved to Mitzpe Ramon where we've been ever since. I worked at all kinds of jobs for 9 years until, in 1985, I started teaching EFL officially at the Misgav Comprehensive H.S. in Mitzpe Ramon, grades 7-12, and the elementary school at Midreshet Sde Boker, grades 5,6,8. I continued in Misgav, which later became Shalom School for Arts and Sciences, for 16 years, during 13 of which I was English Coordinator. I used poetry as a major part of my teaching and built many projects for upper grade students around studying, analyzing and writing it and as a tool for the understanding and development of English language. I also taught for 6 years during this period at the pre-academic college for discharged soldiers that we had in M.R.
During this period I returned to university at Ben-Gurion in B.S. where I completed my BA in literature and linguistics. Just as I was about to begin my Masters studies in linguistics at B-G, I was hospitalized for worsening health problems and was diagnosed with MS. Because of the progression of the MS, I took disablility retirement in 2002. I never stopped writing poetry.
My book: Memo Book of My Mind, self published, first collection of 30 years of poems. The book was printed by UPP in Tel Aviv in 1999. It is available directly from me.

Email: mbgm14(at)yahoo(dot)com

Tareq Murad
I am from Bueina village, near Tiberius.
Married and have five children
I have been teaching English as a foreign language in high schools since 1990, and I have been teaching linguistic courses in Sakhnin College for Teacher Education since 2001.
I have a BA in English linguistic and literature from Ben-Gurion University, an MA in English Linguistics from Haifa University and PhD in English curriculum and Instructions from Yarmouk University.
My publications:
Murad, T. (2003). Problems in Second language Acquisition. Elnibras,
Murad, T. (2004). Pragmatic Analysis of Literary Texts: Promise an Lie in All My Sons. Elnibras, (2), pp, 141-149
Murad, T. (2006). Gender and Loan words. Elnibras, (3), pp, 1-12.
Murad, T. The Use of Code Switching/ Code Mixing (CS/CM) in EFL Classrooms. Elnibra. 1-9.

Email: tarenal22(at)hotmail(dot)com

Phyllis Oded

Made Aliyah from Chicago in 1967.
Teaching experience: 43 years in Israel. Presently teaching at Alliance High School in Ramat Aviv.
In addition to my poems and crossword puzzles, I have created loads of grammar stories for various levesl and over 30 unseens for the E,F.G. modules.

Email: phylliso(at)zahav(dot)net(dot)il

Lauren Ornstein

Lauren is an American born folksinger, songwriter and EFL teacher. She grew up in Yonkers, NY and moved to Israel shortly after graduating high school. After being a "wandering Jew", she settled down in the Negev at Midreshet Ben Gurion to raise her daughters, Shlomit and Shikma.

Today Lauren teaches at the local High School for Environmental Studies. In addition, she performs at the English-language folk clubs around Israel. She has appeared at Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival (Israel), Fiddler's Green Festival (N. Ireland) and Turtle Hill Festival (USA). Lauren combines her musical and EFL teaching skills in folksong workshops in schools around the country. She conducts in-service workshops for EFL teachers on songwriting and also on how to use songs in the classroom.

Email: laurie(at)etni(dot)org

Jack Pillemer

I have been teaching English in Jerusalem, Israel for the last 28 years or so. I have taught all levels and all ages from adults at the Foreign Ministry to pre-schoolers who have never been exposed to English before. Most of my teaching, though, has concentrated on high school students at the Mae Boyar High School.

Besides actual teaching, I write articles to be used as teaching aids, create activities, exercises, crossword puzzles and so on. I directed a pre-reading preparation program in primary schools and co-directed an extensive program of involvement in the Central Galilee region till 2008. I have been a senior matriculation examiner for many years. I give workshops from time to time, and have co-written (with Sue Kerman) an English teaching course book called CHOICES (ECB) for high school - Proficience Level: stage 1. I am presently entering my sabbatical year (2009-10) and have started working in the field of English Language Arts Assessment and Evalution.

Email: jackpil(at)013(dot)net

Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty, J.D

Co-editor of The Rag and SEN columnist Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty, J.D., most recent career as an EFL teacher has been entirely with special students. Presently EFL coordinator at the Learning Center for the Blind Mechina at Hebrew U., Ellen has pioneered the use of assistive technology for students with special needs, especially blind, visually impaired and those with learning problems and disabilities, for Bagrut exams and daily work. She has trained teachers for many years on all aspects of working with SEN students, including courses at a teacher's college, and has served as a consultant and counselor for schools and teachers working with this population. A lawyer by training, she has developed children's rights projects for the Israeli branch of an international children's rights organization, and was a criminal defense and children's rights lawyer, advocate, lobbyist, governor's representative, juvenile justice consultant, author and trainer in Florida USA. A frequent contributor to ETNI and editor of the original ETNI News, Ellen's life "joy" is being a mom, and exploring a myriad of sports, crafts and the arts, as well as feeding her internet and web-site building addictions.


Email: serf(at)inter(dot)net(dot)il

Ruthi Sheffer

I made aliya 28 years ago from London.I have a BA in French and Spanish from University College Londonand an MA in Comparative Lit. and a teaching certificate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have been teaching EFL in Israel since 1980,most of that time at Michlelet Ort High School in Jerusalem,with occasional stints of adult work here and there.I am most interested in the integration of technology in the English teaching Classroom.I am also a travelholic.(ask anyone on my staff ! )Current dream to trot off and teach English in China for a year....
A bit of a lurker on Etni with the occasional sporadic outburst when provoked.
My website -
my blog -

Email: rsheffer(at)gmail(dot)com

Sara L. Shomron

I am American-born, raised, and educated, and hold a M.S. degree in Justice Studies. I have tutored English; I am an independent freelance writer of human interest articles; and I am the publicist of the historical novel Grains Of Sand: The Fall Of Neve Dekalim by Shifra Shomron (Mazo Publishers).

Email: publicist.sls(at)gmail(dot)com

Barry Silverberg

Good Evening. Nice of you to drop by. You know, I've written so many mock bios ( Barry was born Barigouti Eben Igetbored in the pastoral Palestinian town of Nabless Manitoba. His parents left him in the snow overnight as a test of endurance. The next morning, when young Al Silverberg opened the door for the milk man, he was surprised to find such a Spartan carton . . .) that, maybe, just to surprise you , I'll do one straight:

I entered the world in May 4th of 1952. Google your head off, but nothing else happened in the world on that day. I guess I was enough. My parents, Canadian citizens, eventually moved into a house on Kilbride Ave. And if you go there today you can still see it, unchanged except for the color of the paint and the Chinese language spoken. Nursery school, kindergarten, Talmud Torah Elementary school, Joseph Wolinsky (Jewish Day School) till 11th grade, one wonderful year at Public School, Aliah, four years schmoozing around Bar Ilan University, army service, marriage, move to Kiriat Shmona in 1982, five kids, presently teaching English at Hamatmid Relligio' School and "Maddah Vedaat" at Tel Hai College; a little writing for fun on the side, and, of course, developing the Thai Massage Clinic. Enjoys cycling and singing old Dylan songs.

Email: barisil(at)netvision(dot)net(dot)il

Dina Wyshogrod, PhD

Dina Wyshogrod, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Jerusalem, specializing in anxiety disorders and behavioral medicine. In addition, she teaches courses in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to laypeople and professionals.

Email: Dr.Dina(at)breathedeep(dot)net

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