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Join the ETNI Mailing List

The ETNI mailing list is a discussion list for teachers of English. Through this list, teachers can share their teaching experience and ideas and also receive information relevant to the teaching of English. In joining the list, we hope you will actively take part in these discussions.

You can join the ETNI mailing list here.

By joining the ETNI mailing list, you will receive messages sent by ETNI members to the list, and you can also send your own messages to the list.

You can choose to receive ETNI mail either as individual messages (which will come into your mailbox as soon as they are sent to the list), or in a daily digest (you will receive only one ETNI message per day containing all of the messages from the previous day. The default option is "individual messages" - so if you don't state your preference when asking to be subscribed, you will receive ETNI mail as individual messages.

Once subscribed to the ETNI mailing list, you can change your subscription status at any time. You can change from individual messages to digest, or turn on vacation mode (when in vacation mode, you will not receive ETNI mail until vacation mode is turned off). You can change your subscription status here

Moderated List
The ETNI mailing list is a moderated list. This is done in order to ensure that no flame wars are started up between the subscribers; that people obey the laws of Netiquette (for example - do not include private correspondence in messages to the list); and to prevent spam mail and viruses from making their way to the list. In order to rule out any possibility of viruses, all attachments are stripped away from messages before the messages are forwarded to the list.

The ETNI Virtual Community
The ETNI Virtual Community now consists of over 1,700 teachers, teacher trainers, Ministry of Education personnel, and other people interested in the teaching of English (whether this be for EFL, ESL, ESOL or native English Speakers).

There is now also an ETNI group on facebook which you are invited to join.

ETNI is a volunteer organization and there are no membership dues.
We welcome you to the ETNI community and hope to hear from you soon.
For this is a place for teachers to share and learn together.

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