Issue 2    
March 1998.  


Editorial Staff:  
David Lloyd    
Gail Mann    
Ellen Serfaty     
Ann Shlapobersky   
Renee Wahl   

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Welcome to  which is made up of 14 columns, we hope that with your future contributions, these columns will be filled. 
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What's in ?
From our Perspective, by Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty. What a delight to begin our first venture as a News staff ...
Feature articles:  
  • Report from Raquelle Azran, National Counselor, English for Native Speakers. 
  • It's time to teach 'em English, Rachelle Chrysler. 
  • Teaching strong and native speakers, Dalia Goldberg.
An ETNI Update 
by David Lloyd 
ETNI Manager and Webmaster
And What’s Happening Around the Country? 
by Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty
Hi There, 
You've just arrived at The Treasure Trove - THE place to find out where to go ......, Renee Wahl.
As Internet has been encompassing the Israeli school system in leaps and bounds, the English teacher has been presented with a new problem ....., Ann Shlapobersky.
International Projects - KIDLINK, by David Lloyd. This is the first article in a permanent column which will deal with international projects on the Internet.
Below are the questions submitted by members of the ETNI list and the replies from the inspectors. Many thanks to Judy Steiner, Debby Toperoff, Beverley Topaz and Judy Kemp for their co-operation in this important dialogue. 
DAVE SPERLING’S THE INTERNET GUIDE FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS. Jimmy Backer, National CALL Counselor. Up until yesterday, I would have said that there is only one mandatory book that every ESL/EFL teacher must have .....
How to ..... in just a few easy steps, Ann Shlapobersky and Gail Mann.
Pupils' having difficulties.
The next issue of ETNINEWS will be Alternative Learning and Teaching Styles - please send us your contributions.
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