Issue 3 June 1998. 
Multiple Intelligences?  Alternative assessment? Issue #3 explores world of alternative learning...
  • From grammar & literacy to synchronous internet programs...and more 
    How is reason connected to language; virtual frameworks help redefine traditional concepts 

    Comprehensive history/guide to synchronous internet programs; how they transform traditional language classrooms 

    How does ETNI staff get the News to each other, and you  

    How to cater to abilities and learning styles of all students 

    Listening comprehension--the "musts" of learning styles, teaching strategies 

    What is TPR Storytelling, how it is changing American language classrooms

    ETNI's changing face, growth and impact
    Readers share alternative learning methods
    Find out more about subjects in this issue
    Pamela Segev and Rachel Rakovsky on performance based assessment
    I*EARN and student empowerment
    Judy Steiner talks about the new curriculum and Bagrut
    Sternberg's Intelligence of Success Seminar
    Boolean searches and new meanings for AND, OR and NOT
    Successes with non-readers, and importance of TIME
    CALL courses for next year
    Face to Face at ETAI...ETNI's new on-line course...TA CALL counselors...
    We're waiting to hear from you ....
     Editorial Staff:   
    David Lloyd      
    Gail Mann      
    Ellen Serfaty       
    Ann Shlapobersky     
    Renee Wahl  
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