Issue 4
February 1999

Editorial Staff: 
David Lloyd
Gail Mann 
Ellen Serfaty 
Ann Shlapobersky
Renee Wahl

The New Curriculum 

in the Eyes of Teachers

Gail Mann, Lynn Timna, Gaby Shoshani and Miriam Melamed

A natural component of the regional teacher training sessions this year is becoming aquainted with the new curriculum. With this in mind, we constructed a workshop for a hetrogeneous audience comprised of teachers who knew the curriculum well, those who were vaguely familiar with it and those who were being introduced to it for the first time.

We used an activity that had been jointly created by  Gail Mann, Lynn Timna, Gaby Shoshani and Miriam Melamed as a follow-up to a PowerPoint presentation of the organization of the new curriculum (The New Curriculum - An Analogy).

After watching the Powerpoint presentation, the teachers divided up into groups and chose one of the following options:
  • Semantic map to illustrate components of the NC
  • A questionnaire
  • A game
  • A cloze passage
  • A quiz
  • A song, poem or chant
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A table comparing old and new curriculum
  • Anything else you can think of

The groups were supplied with transparencies, marking pens, construction paper etc. and after approximately forty five minutes of creative and intellectual musings, each group presented their finished product. Below are just a few of the excellent presentations prepared by teachers in two different workshops:
1) The Rural Education Administration in the Western Galilee
(Lynn Timna - English Counsellor, Gail Mann - CALL Counsellor)
2) The Haifa District
(Miriam Melamed - English Inspector, Gaby Shoshani - English Counsellor, Gail Mann - English Counsellor)

Please note: the examples included were chosen because it was possible to format them for the internet, many other terrific ideas could not be displayed.

1) A rhyming poem
2) Focus on Appreciation of Literature and Culture: caricatures.
3) Domains poem
4) A fairy story
5) Multiple Choice questions on the New Curriculum
6) A game