Issue 4
February 1999

Editorial Staff: 
David Lloyd
Gail Mann 
Ellen Serfaty 
Ann Shlapobersky
Renee Wahl



No doubt about it the ETNI List has grown and the ETNI News editorial team has kept pace with this growth, bringing you our readers the "latest" in what is happening in our English classrooms, in and out of cyberspace.  David Lloyd began ETNI News (and its forerunner, EIETONE) with then editor, Wendy Desmonde in 1995 with the following dream:

 "We hope that this newsletter will become more and more a collective work of teachers' contributions from the field. We also hope to receive significant contributions from the Israeli Ministry of Education as well as other officials/educators involved in the field of Teaching English at all levels." From the Editor, Issue #1 EIETONE, May 11, 1995 

 Since our five-member editorial team published its first cooperative endeavor last March, we have enjoyed the opportunity to produce a quality on-line newsletter for ETNI members here in Israel and throughout the world.  But, as often happens with labors of love, each of us has multiplied our professional (many of them volunteer!) commitments.  In order to bring you the same quality in a timely manner, WE NEED YOU!!!!

So take the plunge....pick a column...volunteer an article...and JOIN US!!!  You will not only have your name in print, but have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of editors that are doing their best to make English and cyberspace synonymous terms. 

And for those of you who are newbies...remember that we all started out that way!  No better way to learn than working with a group of dedicated volunteers.  All of us on the editorial team can credit some of our growth from sharing our experiences and knowledge with each other. your mouse ready?  Just click on the e-mail address next to the column that strikes your fancy....and join a great group of people whose job it is to share with colleagues.

In order to get more News to you, we need more Editors and volunteers for the following columns.  If you are interested, get in touch with the person noted next to each column, or
write to Ellen Serfaty

1.  INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS.  We would like an overall editor for this column focusing on involvement of Israeli students in international internet and e-mail projects; and volunteers to write about a different international projects that you are involved in for each issue; plus a commitment to keep the NEWS up-to-date on progress with the project. Interested, contact David Lloyd.

2. TEACHER TRAINING:  Time for you teacher trainers on the list to help us out.  We would like someone involved in teacher training to share with our readers the newest trends in EFL training in Israel.  If interested, contact Ellen Serfaty.

3. TECH TIPS: Technical Tips is a regular feature of the News that focuses on improving computer skills of our readers.  If interested, contact Gail Mann.

4. INTERNET PROJECT REVIEW: We want to start a new column that will offer tips to teachers on how to evaluate web-sites and projects for use in the classroom and critiques on proposed activities and work-sheets.  This is a very important step for those interested in getting the most out of their computer time.  Contact Ann Shlapobersky 

5. WHAT'S HAPPENING AROUND THE COUNTRY. We started a column where people sent in information about our feature issue and other developments around the country.  If interested, contact: Ellen.

6.WEAK LEARNERS AND LD STUDENTS: This column focuses in on the special needs of students with learning disabilities, and those students who learn through different methods or at a different pace.  Special attention to sharing successful tips and programs. Contact Ellen.

7. REVIEWS:  We'd like an editor to solicit/write reviews of books, programs, CDs and other material that relates to Internet, computers, etc. If interested, contact Ellen.

8. HETEROGENEOUS CLASSES: This is a new column...we are looking for someone who will write/solicit contributions to share with teachers on successful work with heterogeneous classes at all levels. If interested, contact Ellen.

Hope to be hearing from you soon...our continuing success in bringing a lively, quality "News" to you depends on you! 

The "present" but soon-to-be-expanding ETNI News Editorial Team 
--David Lloyd, Gail Mann, Ann Shlapobersky, Renee Wahl and Ellen Serfaty