Issue 4
February 1999

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Renee Wahl


The ETAI Winter Conference at "Talpiot" College
by Batya Lederfein 

For those teachers who braved it through the wilds of Tel Aviv traffic and who eventually sighted "Talpiot College" on the Tel Aviv-Yaffo frontier, the adventure didn't end with the journey. They had to maneuver their way through an action-packed conference, facing momentous choices at every stage of the way. 

Dr. Gail Weinstein of San Francisco State University, who held audiences at the summer International Conference spellbound throughout her demonstrations of how to make the teaching of writing meaningful, was back in Israel as a special guest of the American Cultural Center. At her plenary presentation and workshop, she developed the theme of using "Learners' Lives as Curriculum", a topic particularly well suited to the new direction English teaching will be taking with the launching of the New Curriculum. Other lectures and workshops in the field of literacy included the use of poetry to elicit communication between children, interactive practice of the writing process, presentation of an "active reading" program for English speakers, and tips on how to get the pupils "hooked on book tasks".

In all, there were 33 workshops (see list below) and a book and materials exhibition with 22 participants. The emphasis this conference seemed to be on the performing arts, with workshops on songs - including use of Karoake to produce instant pop stars - and theater.  Te'atron Hanefesh featured this year's theme of mutual respect in a play entitled Make Yourself at Home, and the conference culminated in a session on "brain gym" connecting language with mind and movement. 

We were very happy to renew contact with many people who had not been to ETAI conferences for a while, and to welcome the new members who came in response to our newspaper ad. "Talpiot", our new venue, provided us with adequate computer and auditorium facilities, and a comfortable learning environment. Those who weren't able to make it this time missed a terrific day, but never mind - we're sure that the spring conference, to be held at Kaye College in Beersheba on Sunday March 28th, will prove to be of just as high a caliber. ETNI listers who are interested in receiving the ETAI Forum and news of future conferences are invited to ring the office 02-6796029.

Workshops and lectures presented at the Conference:

Literacy-Related Activities Miscellaneous
Using the Dictionary Resource Books and Multimedia
Whole Language and Integrated Skills Use Textbook Presentations
Music and Games

Literacy-Related Activities

  • Gail Weinstein - "Learners' Lives as Curriculum": 

  • Plenary Address  "Exploiting Learners' Writing": Workshop
  • Frida Berman & Nettie Susman - "A Topic Based Learning Center"
  • Sara Keren - "Beyond Words - Writing Poems with Children"
  • Eitana Meidan - "From 'Little Red Riding Hood' to 'Eveline': 

  • A Theatrical Approach to Text"
  • Avraham Roos - "Hooked on Book Tasks: Tips Tried and True" 
  • Julie Nevo  - "Strengthening the Beginning Reader"
  • Rachel Segev-Miller - "Cognitive Processes in Discourse Synthesis"
  • Ruth Donner -  "Difficulties of Israeli University Students 

  • Reading Academic Texts in English"

Using the Dictionary

  • Brenda Idstein "Realistic Expectations from Students Using Dictionaries"
  • Ari Kerneman "Simplified Learners' Dictionaries and the New Curriculum"
  • Susan Holzman "The Dictionary Lesson in a Reading Class"
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Whole Language and Integrated Skills Use

  • Marlene Goldberg - "A Model Lesson for 7th/8th Grade English Speakers Utilizing 4 skills"
  • Shlomit Ilan - "Success Achieved by Teaching Whole Language Using Alternative Methods"
  • Dvora Sherman - "Connecting Movement, Mind and Language"

Music and Games

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  • Aliza Mastrov - "How to Use Language in Order to Respect and Be Respected"
  • Tzipporah Zilberstein - "Complex Instruction"
  • Batya Lederfein - "Assessing Grammar" 
  • Babette Kaplan - "Schools and Support"
  • Nechama Golan - "Vocabulary Acquisition"
  • Leah Kirshenberg - "Preparing for the New 5-Point Bagrut Exam"
  • Lev Abramov - "Instructional Technology:" Using Markin 32 for Grading Papers Submitted via the Internet"

Resource Books and Multimedia

  • Sharon Azaria -"Practice Writing in the Middle School" 
  • Lori Schaefer - "Introducing "Literary Place": An Active Reading Program for English Speakers"
  • Micaela Ziv - "All the Way Through with Q Review"
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Textbook Presentations

  • Shoshana Plavin - "Take Five and Take Off"
  • Valerie Whiteson - "Appreciating Literature, Culture and Language"
  • Avraham Roos -"Spectrum' - Totally Different"

  • Ilan Jacobi - "Teaching Grammar the New Way - NTC series of Grammar Books"