A rhyming poem
    The New Curriculum

    Once upon a time there were four skills
    Today we have domains and it really kills
    Speaking has become social interaction
    And writing an essay is today presentation
    benchmarks, meaning primary, junior, high
    Have changed their names - I wonder why.

    Criteria are our means of evaluation
    And assessment has become a real obssession
    If until now we've had various levels
    Standards have become the newest labels

    But cheer up dearest English teachers
    Next time we meet, we'll get new features
    After you assess according to continuum
    you'll finally understand The New Curriculum

    Carmel Zvulun High School
    Anat Shaked, Judy Negri, Yaffa Mann, Carmel Blumer, Hanna Levy

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    Domains poem

    Do you know the four domains
    One by one we will explain
    Make good use of all these four
    And lesson plans you'll have galore,
    Interaction and presentation have the students talk and show
    Not to mention information - makes them search and want to know
    Students reach appreciation and succes in examinations

    Nina Golomb, Barry Haber, Atara Magid, Marilyn Berkow, Sigalit Levenstein, Yehudit Ansbacher

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    Multiple Choice questions on the New Curriculum
    Do you know your new curriculum?

    Choose the correct answers:

    1) A benchmark is

    a) a graffiti on a bench
    b) a bad grade
    c) an indicator of progress

    2) Proficiency level is

    a) sea-level at which many fish can be found
    b) the highest standard of knowledge and ability
    c) the lowest level of knowledge

    3) A domain is

    a) the property owned by a king
    b) the subject to be studied in English
    c) an area of language ability or knowledge

    4) A standard

    a) has 5 different levels
    b) desribes the knowledge and ability that pupils are expected to gain in each domain
    c) is a continuum indicating progress

    Use the key to check your answers
    If you got 8-10 answers correct, you don't need to go to the next hishtalmut.
    If you got 5-7 correct, there is hope for you to understand the curriculum by the year 2000.
    If you got less than 5 correct, BAD NEWS, you will have 3 extra hishtalmuyot during summer.
    Enjoy your holiday.

    Iris Amdur, Shira Zimmerman, Yael Gal Ben Yizchak - Misgav Regional School