A fairy story
    A New Curriculum Road to Happiness

    Once upon a time there was an English teacher prince who had found the princess of his dreams named Judy. In order to be worthy of her hand in marriage, he had to bring her the fruits of four different trees from the English Language Forest. The tree of Social Interaction, the tree of Access to Information, the tree of Presentation and the tree of Appreciation of Literature, Culture and Language.

    However, first he had to prepare the soil and the trees (the foundation level). Then he had to nurture the trees (the intermediate level) and finally he was able to reap the "fruit" of his hard work (the proficiency level). It was a difficult journey along the new curriculum road, sometimes lost in the "undergrowth", but eventually after bringing the fruits to the princess she accepted his proposal and they lived happily ever after.

Irena Tseitlin, Naomi Golik, Nikol, Debby Wolkinson, Naomi Ganz