Issue 4
February 1999

Editorial Staff: 
David Lloyd
Gail Mann 
Ellen Serfaty 
Ann Shlapobersky
Renee Wahl

In service report

Quality On-Line Learning At SNOW

NEW VENUE, NEW FACES The ETAI Winter Conference at "Talpiot" College, by Batya Lederfein 

Ort / Amal study day for co-ordinators

Ort / Amal study day for co-ordinators

On January 19,1999 Ort and Amal had a joint study day for their English coordinators. Ninety coordinators from all over the country came to the ORT Moshinsky center in Tel Aviv (in spite of the rain).
The day was devoted to two important issues: alternatives in assessment and the new curriculum. It was a pleasure to listen to Lisa Amdur, Gail Mann, national CALL counselor, Dvora Ben Meir, a member of the curriculum committee (as well as Bar Ilan University and Educational Television) and Raquelle Azran, national counselor for Native Speakers.

Three coordinators - Ahuva Dotan and Amy Gelbart from Amal and Tzippi Yarmish from Ort shared successful projects developed with the staff at their respective schools.

Bouquets to our wonderful English coordinators!

Rachel Tal                       Mary Greenberg
English Inspector            Head of English Studies
AMAL                              ORT