Issue 4
February 1999

Editorial Staff: 
David Lloyd
Gail Mann 
Ellen Serfaty 
Ann Shlapobersky
Renee Wahl


"…how proud I am to be the English Chief Inspector of the wonderful people who are doing such tremendous work. You have done a most incredible job, which I talk about at the Ministry whenever I can. On behalf of the English Inspectors, thank you!”

Judy Steiner 

“ETNI News looks wonderful…It adds significantly to the sense of being part of a vibrant exciting ETNI community”

Jack Pillemer

“Thanks for this beautiful assemblage — wisdom, knowledge, supportive refinement…A gift worth exploring from far beyond your country’s shores—I now almost take the “I” of ETNI both for “Israel” and “International”

Sharad Sahai, Guadeloupe, Caribbean

“Amazing! Superb! Important and significant topics laid nicely in our laps by clearly sainted and dedicated enthusiasts (or in layman’s terms, nutcases)”

Ben Sommer

"Great job everyone! Really professional and helpful and offering something for every on-line English teacher.”

Sarah Schrire

You make me proud to be an English teacher in Israel. Thanks for all your hard work…for all of us.”

Sheila Spitz

CONGRATULATIONS on a job superbly done! I’ve been skimming through and downloading everything I want to read and run off for my colleagues at school (which is everything!) and I am overwhelmed at the amazing job you have done here. Thanks so much!, From your sincere fan…”

Adele Raemer

“Wow! I’ve been on-line reading and printing now for 21/2 hours. The format is clear and the information varied and everything is interesting and relevant!”

Julie Yosefyan

“You are doing a great job. There’s a lot to read and learn. I will say it in Hebrew “Ishar Coah” You deserve all the credit.”


“It seems all the other members have used up all the adjectives of praise. Thus I all I am left with is “thank you for a job very well done”

Tzilla Kratter